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Avoid Using phones before sleeping

Posted by Raj's blog on February 13, 2008

 sleepUsually we will talk with our friends or relatives through phones before going to bed. Somebody will have the habit of talking in phone after going to bed. It is a bad habit and makes us uncomfort in some of the ways. It will interferes with sleeping patterns.

Well that’s what scientists from Sweden and US said after their study.

Scientists at the Karolinska Institute and Uppsala University and Wayne State University in Detroit studied 35 men and 36 women, The Independent reported. Half were exposed to radiation like that emitted by cell phones, while the others thought they were being exposed to it.

What will happen if you use your phone before sleeping?

  1. It will take you longer to get into deep sleep.
  2. You will only get a quick deep sleep or less deep sleep than normal.
  3.  You’ll feel tired when you wake up.

All these are caused by mobile phone radiation. This will affects our sleep and health.





2 Responses to “Avoid Using phones before sleeping”

  1. Mayank said

    Hey Useful info…..from where you got these types info?


  2. its really nice to know said

    its really nice to know

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