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Posted by Raj's blog on April 16, 2008

She is my first and the only love till this point. Her name is Nivedita, a software engineer by profession. She is turning twenty-four shortly and she is undoubtedly the most beautiful girl on earth. I made it a point to share my feelings today with her, hoping this letter would do it all. I have not written any letters in my life till now, and this is perhaps the first time I pen down my thoughts and expectations for the person I love the most on earth.

It’s been four years since we met each other and a strong bond has grown between us through these years. I was unaware of her love for a long time. In fact, I hadn’t spoken a word with her till about a year I had seen her for the first time. It was in one long journey in train, I understood her love for me. It happened a year ago.

It was a trip from Kanyakumari to Chennai in Kanyakumari Express. We had passed Vizhupuram and it was 3 am in the morning. I thought I was the only one who was awake in the whole compartment in that early hour. But to my surprise, she was also awake.

I didn’t know then that it was for me she had got up that early. Hardly had she seemed to move her sight away from me. She smiled at me very often and every time I encountered that cute smile, I started eagerly awaiting the next battle with her smile and shining eyes. Her smile had everything in it, the story of unbelievable affection, care and what not.

From that moment, till now, I too have loved her to a great extent. We have never exchanged words about the love we have towards each other, but words are too less to reflect the amount of affection and love we share. I have always thought that the love would remain throughout our life and it happened to be the same till three months back.

Vivek had come into my life three months back. In fact I myself had waited his arrival for quite a long time, but from the moment he arrived, he has been the worst enemy in my life. Nivedita and he had grown close over times, and the fraction of time she spent with me got lowered to a great extent. Even the latest Sensex fall would be less compared to the fall in her affection for me.

I have wondered how it could suddenly happen, after near to four long years of understanding and love amidst us. At times, I have felt like killing that guy Vivek, but I have not had that much strength or braveness to do that. Still, what can he do? He did no mistake to his part, except for being born charming, cute and fair.

Two days before when I saw her, she was feeding food for him and I was hurt to the core on seeing the incident. My anger had boiled down to tears, and I broke. It took almost close to three hours for me stop crying, I felt I had cried more than how much I would have cried when I was born.

I have been trying to understand where it all went wrong, but to my fortune, till now, I haven’t been able spot it out. Once for all, I decided to tell all my feelings to her, no matter how she is going to deal with it. I have heard my dad saying a lot of times ‘Something is better than nothing!’ and I made up my mind to do ‘something’.

I fixed today to be the ‘DATE’ for throwing open in front of her the ‘TALE’ of my pure love for her. I don’t know whether I will get a positive response from her, but I pray God that only the best happens.


My school bell has rung. The lunch break is over. My ‘UKG’ classmates would be ready to welcome me with the same cute smile as ever.

I hope my ‘MOTHER’ Nivedita will be alright, understands me and shares some time with me also, apart from that she spends with my three months old rascal ‘BROTHER’ Vivek.

See you after a break!!!


30 Responses to “THE TALE OF A DATE”

  1. Anjali said

    hey ur story was really good man.
    actually i was in a upset mood but wen i read tis story everything was alright.
    Thanks for posting such story i hope u post much more stories lik tis

  2. Kristorf A.K. Mawuli said

    Hey man…… You’ve really brought me back to life! Man you’ve satisfy my soul.

  3. Anitha Natarajan said

    Different way of expressing a son’s love to his family.
    I liked it.

  4. Amaya said

    you really got me i Sympathied with the main character , what a celever story line and ending ( surprising ) makes you laugh after been sorry .

  5. Manoj said

    awesome story bro, i liked it. in the end after i read the last 2 lines i had a big smile on my face.

  6. anisha lama said

    i really enjoyed your story. i liked your presentation very much.keep it up…

  7. swayanshree said

    a wonderful way of expressing ur thoughts!!!
    thoroughly enjoyed myself while readin it!!

  8. Amor Amore said

    Hey, I thought my wife is the most beautiful girl on earth. Just kidding. I guess every person in love thinks that. Nice tale.

  9. faisal said

    Przntatn of story z jus awsm…lyk it…

  10. pema said

    it ws reli gud story n i hpe ur mom wud b hapi

  11. Manali said

    One of the best story i hav ever read
    LOVED IT!!!!!

  12. amarjeet said

    awsm superb very nyc

  13. Rose Ruchi said

    awesome story buddy!! Luvd it…

  14. brutus said

    what an end !
    brilliant thinking

  15. Debojyoti said

    Flawless story. I’l share it with everyone.

  16. Deepak said

    I like ur story very much…
    Ur stories last portion is very good

  17. maga "malaysia" said

    nice ending….great

  18. wilson said

    I luv d story, U r vry creatv. cngrts

  19. samantha said

    It was so unpredictable. love how you surprised the readers at the end part. cool!

  20. Andrews tsetse said

    Everything in its time

  21. Angelica said

    I loved this story!!!! Really good, different way…makes me feel better 🙂

  22. Tanvi Naik said

    lovely just as i felt for my sis

  23. Divya said

    Love u pa. Great Story.

  24. such a diffrent nd loving story…

  25. Gopal said

    No doubt your story telling skill is just Awesome… I enjoyed the story…

  26. Shruti said

    Lovely Story!! Made my day 🙂

  27. zoya khan said

    wow. loveddd it cute storyy. i thiinkkk i fell for it. that’s,me :p

  28. Vrinda Avhad said

    A really Wonderful Story… And i loved ur Twist.. 🙂 😀

  29. Priya said

    Extremely good!! I wonder how tiz blinked in ur mind!! Love ur stories… great

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