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Posted by Raj's blog on October 24, 2008


The New Bengaluru International Airport will commence operations on Friday, May 24th, 2008 (00: 01 hrs IST of May 24th). All flights landing and departing after midnight will operate from the new airport and flights arriving before midnight (on May 23rd 2008) will also operate from the new airport. 
Bus Service & Home connect Taxi to BIAL
 BMTC (Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation)– VAYU VAJRA & SUVARNA Services will run 156 buses, including 40 Volvos, round the clock from key areas of Bangalore at the frequency of 15 mins including 20 buses from Electronic City. BMTC has tied up with CelCabs (080- 6060 9090) and SGL Tours and Travels (080- 4299 2399) as part of its Home connect program for the first-mile connectivity. By using this service the passenger can avail a reduction on BMTC bus fare.
 The BMTC pickup & drop points  at Airport are very close to the Arrival/Departure lounge (200 feet away)

  Details of the BMTC shuttle running from various locations is enclosed below .
        FromToDistance (in Km)No. of StopsFrequency (in Mins)Approximate travel time (in Hrs)Fare (in Rs.) 
MCTC (Mysore Road Satellite Bus stand)Airport43.78151.50135 
Jeevan BhimanagarAirport43.59151.50135 
HAL(Old Airport)Airport459152.00135 
JP Nagar (6th Phase)Airport478152.00150 
Whitefield (ITPL)Airport506102.05150 
Electronics CityAirport6610152.45200 
Kempegowda Bus StationAirport35.85151.15120

Taxi services from Bengaluru Airport
 Professional taxi services with Metered fare are operated by
 Meru Cabs          : 080 – 4422 4422
Easy cabs           :  080 – 4343 4343  
 Premium Limousine cars are operated by
 Hertz                  :   (0) 9972502292
 Akbar Travels      :  080 – 66783810/ 11/ 12)
 Facilities at BIAL for Departure/ Arrival.
 1.        All cabs (Owned/ Hired) are allowed up to Departure/ Arrival terminus points. (90 Sec wait time)
2.        Alternatively, employee can use Drop-off/ Pick-up Area (P4 Slot )
–          No charges  for the first 10 Minutes
        –     Rs. 50/- for every additional  15 Minutes
 For any assistance, kindly contact FMG transport Helpdesk: 080 – 3029 4999 or mail in to ectrans.helpdesk@wipro.com  
 Note: For Client requirement continue to use the current system of booking through clientcab.bdc@wipro.com
 For more information, visit website www.bialairport.com
 UDF charges


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Sharpen the brain

Posted by Raj's blog on October 24, 2008

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Poisonous Sugarcane juice

Posted by Raj's blog on October 13, 2008

A friend whose father works for the government health inspection passed on this information.

Their job is to inspect all hawkers, their cooked food, their store hygiene, etc. They found sugar cane juice has the highest content of bacteria among all food. In fact, it has exceeded the set limit.

Hence, they had to find out why. They went round all sugar cane stores and watched the way the hawkers handled their sugar cane, wash their glasses, their entire procedure.But they couldn’t find the problem.

One day, they stayed till closing time and discovered some shocking facts! Whenever, the hawkers closed their stores, they would wash the floor with detergent.

As we know, the remaining sugarcanes will be placed at the back of the store, vertically standing and as sugarcanes are very porous, they tend to absorb whatever liquid around them.

Besides the soapy water, the dirt on hawkers’ boots, cats’ urine, etc, will all be absorbed??

A friend, who loved sugar cane juice, was pregnant. She was always drinking sugar cane juice. Anyway, one day she miscarried and the fetus was already like 6 or 7 months old.

When the doctors did an autopsy to find out why all of a sudden the fetus had died inside her, they found traces of some chemical substance, which was found in cat urine. Large traces of it.

While it would not be able to harm adults, it was extremely toxic to babies, what more a fetus? So they tried to determine how this cat urine thing could have ended up in the fetus.

This meant that it had to be digested by the mother, right? And the only logical conclusion they could come up with was that since these sugar cane juice stall holders just leave the canes lying around on the wet and dirty floor, it would not be impossible to think that stray cats could have peed on those sugar canes or near those sugar canes.

So think carefully the next time when ordering that favourite sugar cane juice!

Let’s take action to make this world a better & safer place for ALL of us & the generations to come.
Is there anyone who is going to take Sugarcane juice from hawkers anymore?

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