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Posted by Raj's blog on November 6, 2008

Loss of hair at a very tender age has become a common disorder these days.

Hair is formed in minute pockets in the skin, called follicles. An upgrowth at the base of the folic, called the papilla, actually produces hair ; when a special group of cells turn amino acids into keratin, a type of protein of which hair is made. The rate of production of these protein ” building blocks.” determines hair growth.

The most important cause of loss of hair is

1. Inadequate nutrition.
2. Stress leads to a severe tension in the skin of the scalp. It makes the roots of the hair weak, resulting in the falling of hair.
3. Heredity is another predisposing factor which may cause hair to fall.

The healthy condition of the hair depends, to a very large extent , on the intake of sufficient amounts of essential nutrients in the daily diet. Hair is made of protein and adequate protein is necessary for luxuriant hair.

Lack of inositol causes loss of hair. Any person having trouble with his or her hair should eat foods rich in inositol such as yeast, liver and molasses.

Persons with a tendency to lose hair should thus take a well balanced and correct diet.
It has been found that a diet which contains liberal quantities of

( i) seeds, nuts and grains,
( ii) vegetables and
(iii) fruits

would provide adequate amounts of all the essential nutrients.

Quick remedies for hairfall

1.The most effective remedy is a vigorous rubbing of the scalp with fingers after washing the hair with cold water.

2.Amla oil, prepared by boiling dry pieces of amla in coconut oil, is considered a valuable hair tonic for enriching hair growth.

3..Daily application of refined coconut oil mixed with limewater and lime juice on the hair, prevents loss of hair and lengthens them. Application of the juice of green coriander leaves on the head is also considered beneficial.

4.Another effective home remedy for loss of hair is the application of coconut milk all over the scalp and massaging it into the hair loss. It will nourish the hair and promote hair growth.


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